Our Shop

We do sell Santa Cruz Island fleeces, although we are sold out at this time (2019).  Watch this site for fleeces in 2020!  We do sometimes sell processed fiber and yarn, and I am in the process of accumulating inventory, so check back with this site from time to time.  I'll let you know on Instagram, too.

Please see below for fiber products we are offering.  And check back once in a while, as we do add new products now and then.


 From time to time we sell Santa Cruz Island sheep.  If interested in breeding stock or wethers, contact us at lynn@blueoakcanyonranch.com.

If you have any questions about the products listed for sale below, feel free to email me.  Let me know, also, if you are participating in the Livestock Conservancy's Shave 'Em to Save 'Em program - both our sheep breeds are listed - and need a sticker with your purchase.


We have only a few skeins of Santa Cruz Island handspun yarn left at the present time.  I market this yarn under the label. "Ovis Rustica," and rustic it is:  handspun, 2 ply, slightly to somewhat irregular, and grown, sheared, processed, with love.  This handspun product doesn't leave the ranch until it is shipped to you, and is from our own sheep, and processed here on the ranch.  As with the roving, the yarn is ranch grown and humanely sheared, and your purchase helps us preserve this wonderful breed of sheep!