A Few More Wildflowers

Post date: Jun 08, 2016 8:10:55 PM

We are well into summer, in any sense except the calendar. The California buckwheat is in full bloom and the bees and other pollinators are taking full advantage of it.

Flower color ranges from white to pale pink, flowers are small and in dense clusters.

The deerweed, Lotus scopularius I hope I spelled it correctly, is winding down with blooming but is still pretty with small yellow flowers. It has been quite prolific this spring/summer. It is a legume, so a nitrogen fixer, so will help out the nutrient status of the soil.

This blue stars is a favorite of Jim's and mine, and is spectacular when you get a close look at the beautiful blue flowers. The plant itself - shoots and leaves - are very spiny looking. This flower is also much favored by pollinators.

I missed the flowering season of the Jones' bush mallow. This shrub is now making seeds. It spreads like crazy, from below-ground runners, and favors sandy soils. I imagine it would be a good plant for reclaiming sandy areas as it is obviously drought tolerant. This plant smells wonderful, even the grayish leaves when it's not blooming. I'm told it is rare but not on our ranch.