Rain gutter Update

Post date: Dec 09, 2015 8:22:48 PM

"Gutter"... what an inelegant word for such a wonderfully functional and simple addition to our house! Last Thursday we got 0.15 inch of rain, and already, with just that small amount, the rain "barrel" in our front yard is over half full - it now has over 60 gallons - and the rain "barrel" in our back yard is full (it was about half full before this rain, from an earlier storm that dropped about 0.1 inch) (and it holds 55+ gallons). The area of house roof that drains into our front yard is larger than the area of the roof that drains into our back yard.


The top two photos are of the "barrel" and gutter in the front of the house; the last photo is in the back of the house. The bucket in the front-of-house barrel is to keep mice and lizards from falling in. The bucket fits loosely in case the water needs to overflow. The back-of-house barrel has a bucket also for the same purpose.

Two more things: I will need to design an overflow area, and we look forward to more rain.