Santa Cruz Island Lamb Update

Post date: Jun 14, 2016 3:1:59 PM

As of this morning, we have five new Santa Cruz Island lambs! Baby Jeanine was born to ewe 214 one week ago today. I posted a photo of her earlier and here she is again.

On Friday June 10, Margarita had a lamb, also a little ewe-lamb, and here is a photo of them. Margarita is our spotted ewe and her baby (Junie) is white.

And also on Friday, Lucia had a little ewe-lamb. It has been very difficult to get a photo of that mother and daughter, but I think that is her lamb in the photo below, near the shade structure.

On Saturday, Surprise had a ewe-lamb, and she (Surprise) is so shy and protective we haven't gotten a good photo yet. Yesterday I was noticing that Surprise's lamb stomps her front foot, just like her mother. She (baby) is going to be a handful, just as her mother, Surprise, is.

Just this morning, Dutchess presented us with a lamb and we have not been able to determine gender yet. There they are in the photo below.

Five ewes have had their lambs so far, which puts us slightly over half-way in lambing season.