Sheep Eating Brush

Post date: Feb 06, 2020 10:15:12 PM

A couple photos of some of our Santa Cruz Island rams helping us with brush control. These guys enjoy pine, oak, California buckwheat, California broomsage, yerba santa, and many more. The objectives are, to feed the sheep (believe it or not, they relish this browse!), to reduce wildfire fuel load, and to sequester carbon into the soil via trampled plant material, woody and otherwise, that they don't eat, and of course, sheep poop.

It's not just the rams, either, the ewe/wether/lamb flock is doing their part too! The brown sheep with her head stretched up is sampling juniper. They also enjoy California buckwheat, pine, oak, sagebrush, and others. Grass too. Filaree. Star thistle (newly sprouted and end-of-season dried).

Good sheep, helping us out!