Post date: May 09, 2016 5:7:14 PM

An update on our chicks - photos taken May 8 - and happy belated Mother's Day. The photo at left is of the Blue Wyandotte, who now has proper wing feathers and the beginnings of tail feathers. The other chicks are a bit ahead of her with regard to wings, tails, and body feathers. Blue is very active, though, seems healthy and happy, and is growing fast.

The Rhode Island Reds are in this photo, two roosting and one at the feeder. Also a couple Americaunas and Blue, upper left corner, Blue is roosting here and the other two are pecking and scratching around in the litter.

A closer up view of one of the Rhode Island Reds. They are very active, friendly, inquisitive little gals. Lots of beautiful feathers. All the chicks are very active, eating like little dinosaurs still, and growing fast. We got them on April 15, and perhaps they were only 1 to 3 days old when we got them, so they are less than a month old. They run, jump, and fly around like little mad women, and have learned to knock over their waterer. I changed the plastic reservoir out for a heavier glass reservoir, and we put a bigger base under it, so hopefully those two things will put a stop to the waterer tips.

For anyone interested in small-scale farming, I highly recommend chickens!