Our Chickens, Old and New

Post date: Aug 15, 2016 6:46:16 PM

Our young chickens have been growing fast, installed as they have been for a few months in their section of the chicken run and their new house. First, a few photos of our old girls, two cuckoo marans and two americaunas. Americaunas are the green egg layers, marans lay brown eggs. When the marans were younger their eggs were dark brown, a really pretty cocoa color, but the shell color has faded to a lighter brown and one of them has dark brown specks on the outside of the shell. These four girls are about, what, six or so years old and not laying many eggs now. In the photo of the two americaunas below, the one on the right has been molting. The other gives us one or two eggs per week.


Cuckoo marans

The photo to the left is of some of the young chickens. The two dark ones are Rhode Island reds and we have three of those. They are very active and friendly chickens. The others in that photo are americaunas, and we have three of those.

The photo to the left shows the blue Wyandotte, Blue, who is very beautiful and definitely does not want to be handled. We only have one Wyandotte and I am impressed by how pretty they are - some friends down the road have several wyandottes of different colors and they are very beautiful too. Also is Goldie, an americauna, who has bright gold-colored feathers.

A closer look at Blue and Goldie.