Ladies in Waiting

Post date: May 22, 2016 3:11:51 PM

"Does this wool make me look pregnant? Oh, wait, I am pregnant." This is beautiful Santa Cruz Island ewe 203, waiting patiently for her lamb to arrive. She, plus 8 other ewes, have been bred and are in the middle barley field, along with Two-O-three's 2.5-year-old daughter, Sixteen.

We bred late this year, mainly having to do with my Cal Poly work schedule, so are expecting lambs in early June and hoping for ideal weather - not-too-hot days and not-too-cold nights. As May draws to its end, I get more nervous but try not to pass that on to the sheep. Attitude is very important. In years past, both 7 of 9 and Dutchess have twinned. We will see this year. And we are hoping for ewe-lambs.

By the way, speaking of cold nights, our past two nights have each shown a low temp of 30 degrees (Fahrenheit of course)! near the livestock pastures. I have had to cover the tomato plants in the garden near there. Near the house, the lows have been 35 degrees, so haven't had to cover those two gardens, thank goodness.