Water, Please, and Video Blues

Post date: Jun 26, 2016 8:23:28 PM

We are deep into a vicious hot spell, with temps in the 100's (degrees F of course). It is our custom to provide shallow dishes of water for the birds, and as you can see, for other wildlife as well.

Livestock, and most of the wildlife, lay quietly in the shade during the mid part of the day, foraging in the early mornings and late evenings when it is cooler.

We are up to seven lambs now, and I haven't posted vids of them lately - shot some really nice footage with our better, higher resolution, camera, but couldn't download them because our computer doesn't, apparently, recognize them. Still working around that.

In the meantime, I shot some footage of the lambs at play and I am TRYING to post them. What needs to happen is that, I have to load videos onto Google Drive, make them public, then load them onto our website from Google drive. Then I do a draft post, while waiting for Google drive to "process" the video which takes about a day. So I am trying to load them now, and it is taking forever - doesn't usually take so long. What's the problem - the heat, maybe, or high usage. Our Google drive is nowhere close to full. And I do not think we have reached our monthly allotment of computer time. I'll keep trying.

Finally, about a half-hour later, those videos got themselves loaded. So I have them up embedded in draft posts and should be able to post them tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime I got a substantial amount of yarn plied - this yarn spun from young Ponyo's wool - which is what I was doing while waiting for the videos to load. No time wasted.