Santa Cruz Island Ram Lambs and Llamas

Post date: Apr 06, 2016 8:1:16 PM

I have not forgotten about Santa Cruz Island sheep! I haven't been entirely distracted by wildflowers...

Recently, we opened a little more area in the east barley pasture for the SCI ram lambs. In the excitement, it looks like Peabody & Company are (is?) chasing their guard llamas, Georgie and Sahne. I don't think they were actually chasing them.

The additional pasture was welcome. Lunch time! So fun to see them enjoying their pasture.

In the meantime, plenty of work to do. We have started shearing, and hoof trimming the sheep whose hooves didn't get trimmed the last go-round. Georgie's and Sahne's feet are fine, don't need trimming, I think their wandering around the pasture keeps their toenails worn down to a proper level.