Sweater Adventure

Post date: Dec 19, 2015 12:6:55 AM

Beginning of a new project - a vest knitted out of Santa Cruz Island sheep wool handspun yarn! Natural colors, plus some white wool dyed with indigo to various shades of blue. I'm using the yarn doubled so I can knit with bigger needles than I have lately - the pattern includes directions for several yarn gauges - in the second photo you can see a bit of the ribbing on the needle. Ribbing is on US #8s and the rest on US #10s. This Oat Couture Oregon Vest pattern is the basis for the garment, and I will no doubt make some changes as I go along, for example, I might skip the texture on the front although I do like it a lot on the pattern, my yarn is already textured and I think the stitches would get lost. But we'll see.

Is it a sweater adventure or an Adventure Sweater? Think I'll call it an Adventure Sweater. I like vests, because they are warm but leave the arms free to work. And this will definitely be a work garment, not a high fashion article. It will have a zipper and it has two handwarmer pockets.

This will have to be done in blocks of color combinations because I don't have enough of any two colors to knit the whole thing. And, of course, it has to go along between other projects and other activities. And I only have time to knit in the evenings, generally.

I will update from time to time.