Wildflower Walk 5

Post date: Apr 07, 2016 11:20:13 PM

Late March! This walk took Petunia and I on the floodplain, in a canyon, and on a ridge making up the east wall of the canyon we were in. Owl's clover was in full bloom on the floodplain and in sunny ridge slopes. Plenty of pink ones this year, haven't seen any white ones but I keep looking.

Lupine was continuing to wind up - mostly this pinkish-purplish one (below) on a sunny canyon floor, an annual I think.

In the canyon, mostly on the side slopes, we found blue dicks, related to lilies.

In the canyon we found a particularly beautiful stand of perennial grass - can't tell for sure what the grass is, since it is not blooming yet, but maybe...California melic?

And, on a dry hillside, this mustard plant - not sure if it's a native mustard, or an introduced one, but it was brave to flower so beautifully on this inhospitable place.

Petunia and I are gradually catching up to the present on posting the chronicles of our wildflower walks!