Post date: Apr 07, 2015 6:59:35 PM

Wow, this morning we woke up to...rain! It's not as if we need it after yet another dry winter. When we came out to do morning chores, we had a little over 1/10 inch in the rain gauge. Sheep were not enthusiastic about going out to graze, but rather were sticking close to their shelters. Finally, they moved out to a greener pasture. Llamas were out in the rain, grazing, didn't let it slow them down. Cats were content to sleep on the bed or sofa. Dogs were wet (except for Maggie, who was sleeping on her heated bed on the front porch) - Harley and Petunia had to go to the garage until they dry out. Not much of a hardship, plenty of room and a dog pillow for each. As the cats point out, this is a good day to stay inside doing indoor stuff. Not house cleaning, though. How about eating cookies and watching the rain.

The annual grasses were already going to seed and drying out, so this rain won't help them - except for the forage mix we planted in December, most of it hadn't bolted yet so may put on a little more growth with this water. The perennials should benefit from this, including trees and shrubs.