Not so Wild Flowers 3

Post date: Apr 20, 2016 7:12:6 PM

Spring continues to unfold at Blue Oak Canyon Ranch! The "domestic" flowers are as beautiful and fun as the wildflowers.

The first Dutch iris, in a container with a small Mission olive tree.

Calendulas, in a container.

Above - a very impressive snapdragon - strictly volunteer - we hadn't planted any snapdragons or seeds. Perhaps the seeds came in a container of wildflower seeds? - at any rate, it grew, somehow avoided being eaten by rabbits, bloomed, and survived the winter to grow and bloom again, bigger and more colorful than before.

Some kind of bean or pea - fava bean? - came in a sack of mixed legume seeds. You can see the leaves of vetch with it, and in the photo below you can see a few purple vetch flowers. Pretty flowers at any rate, and hopefully the plants are fixing nitrogen.