Chick Update

Post date: May 22, 2016 3:18:37 PM

Our chicks continue to grow! They now have feathers all over, except for somewhat downy heads, and are active and cheerful. Pretty soon they will outgrow their brooder, but all is well so far. We will soon prepare a coop and yard for them, out near the older hens, but separated so there aren't any bloody battles. They hopefully will get used to each other and will be able to integrate - we'll see.

Rhode Island Reds. The most active and friendly - they peck (not too hard) at my hands when I open the door to get their water or feeder out to refresh it.

Rhode Island Reds and two Americaunas.

Blue Wyandotte. She has pretty much caught up to the others with respect to size and feathers. Very pretty gray pullet.