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At the present time we are sold out of all of our Santa Cruz Island, white roving. However, as of spring 2022, we have many of this year's fleeces in to the mill to be processed into sliver, both white and brown. Email me at lynn@blueoakcanyonranch.com if you would like to be put on my wait list for roving.

We are sold out of fleeces from this year's (2022's) clip. Much of this clip went to the mill for processing, and when the roving returns I will certainly list it here. Thank you!

An exciting new development is we have, back from the mill, last year's clip processed and spun into yarn. The mill couldn't handle making a pure Santa Cruz Island yarn, but blended in 25 percent Targhee, for a very nice yarn. All the Santa Cruz Island is from our ranch, and the Targhee (I was told) is from South Dakota. All sustainably US grown, and processed in the US. The yarn is DK weight, 11 to 12 wraps per inch. It retains its rustic quality and Santa Cruz Island softness and elasticity, and it comes in three colors - white, gray, and dark brown. It is put up in 2 ounce skeins, each about 130 yards. By the time you receive it, it will be washed, dried without weights so that it can "bloom", and re-skeined. $24.00 per skein. A little VM, and an occasional knot. This yarn is also listed on Etsy, our shop name is BlueOakCanyonRanch.

In the photos below, the true color of the dark brown yarn is closer to the "trio" photo than to the closeup. The swatch knitted with the white yarn was knitted on US 4 needles. The white takes dye beautifully, some of the yarn on Etsy was dyed with indigo, and I have some more skeins dyed with various natural (plant) dyes, which I will add to Etsy when I get around to it.

If interested, please email me at lynn@blueoakcanyonranch.com

We're pleased and honored to be included in The Livestock Conservancy's Gift Directory: Handcrafted Heritage Breed Gifts. link: https://livestockconservancy.org/2022/11/15/handcrafted-heritage-breed-gifts/

This year we're including handspun yarn from our Santa Cruz Island, Shetland, and Navajo-Churro sheep, and rugs woven from our Navajo-Churro sheep's roving. Check out the selection below:

Handspun Santa Cruz Island yarn, two-ply, white and various shades of brown, $14 per ounce. Weight and yardage of skeins varies, email me lynn@blueoakcanyonranch.com for specifics.

Please note that we have more handspun yarn on Etsy, shop name blueoakcanyonranch, at the same price with free shipping.

Handspun 2-ply Shetland yarn, from Brighteyes and Rob. Limited supply. The photo doesn't do it justice, it is black with gray "highlights." Feel free to email me for specifics, lynn@blueoakcanyonranch.com

Handspun 2-ply Navajo-Churro yarn, all white and dye-ready - it takes dye beautifully. Skeins vary in weight and yardage, please email lynn@blueoakcanyonranch.com for specifics.

Handwoven rugs: weft is Navajo-Churro roving. Linen warp. The rug on the left is natural brown, red madder, and "peachy" madder exhaust, approximately 31 inches wide and 49 inches long, $120 . The pastel rug on the right is natural pale gray, the yellows are pomegranate and California sagebrush, the "peach" is madder exhaust, approximately 30 inches wide and 42 inches long, $120.