Garden Update

Post date: May 09, 2016 5:20:40 PM

Had a very busy gardening time this past week. The new tank garden/raised bed saga you already know about from previous posts. Once that was done, I planted many tomato, pepper, basil, and ground cherry seedlings in it, and also some tomato and pepper seedlings in the raised bed east of the house. I planted the madder seedlings in smaller galvanized containers - the livestock waterers that had sprung leaks - in the front yard. Had total crop failure of the Japanese indigo seedlings - I'm not sure what happened, either not watered enough or overwatered. Oh well, try again next year. Also planted some flower and herb (mostly basil) seeds in both gardens and in the containers in the front yard. Then, planted a few tomato seedlings of the variety Red Robin (a cherry tomato) in hanging baskets on the front porch - Red Robin variety is advertised as a tomato bred especially for small containers. So we'll see.

There are a couple photos of tomato seedlings. Silver fir tree on the left, and red pear on the right. These are both in the tank in the back yard.

After the gardens near the house, on Friday I weeded the vegetable garden near the chicken coop and other livestock pastures, and Saturday planted more tomato seedlings there, as well as some random herb and flower seeds. This garden gets colder at night, and hotter during the day, but we had a nice cloudy weekend which helped keep the pre-dawn temperatures up and the daytime temperatures down. We could still get frost clear through May, so I need to watch the temps carefully. On Saturday I weeded the asparagus garden. And this morning (Monday) I irrigated all these gardens - quite a job that but worth it, I HOPE we get so many tomatoes I will have to give them away! make salsa! dry them!

This is the optimistic time of year.