Post date: Jan 28, 2016 4:52:3 PM

The beautiful ewe lamb, Flash, was the last-born of our lambs last spring, born in early June. The top photo shows her in the flock, and the bottom one shows her with her mother (a nice family resemblance). I think Flash's sire is Butch Cassidy, one of our senior rams. I have it written down somewhere - I do keep records! Flash is a little beauty, very active, and it is very rare to see her stand still long enough to have her photo taken. She is very wild and wary.

The horned ewe in the foreground of the bottom photo is Stormy, whose fleece was just shipped to a very nice lady in Los Angeles. Two years ago, Stormy's fleece won a third place in one of the Variegated Fleece classes at the Monterey County Fair Wool Show. Stormy is a full-blood Navajo-Churro ewe but her wool does not make breed standard. It is very nice wool though, beautiful mix of colors as Stormy is a spotted sheep.