Christmas Decorating Madness - Oops, meant Magic

Post date: Dec 19, 2015 12:14:54 AM

Not my first attempt at making wreaths, but my latest attempts - four wreaths made yesterday from native plant/home grown herb materials. One wreath on the front gate, one on the in-between gate, one on the front door outside, one on the front door inside. The first photo is of the wreath on the outside of the front door, and consists mostly of rosemary with a few sprigs of chamise.

Second photo is on the inside of the front door - inside the house - this one is made of rosemary and juniper and wow, does it smell good. Our Christmas tree is a live tree so does not have that dying-pine or dying-spruce smell, so the wreath is a welcome addition to our holiday ambiance.

The other two photos are in the other camera, not downloaded yet, so will have to be put up later.

If you are an expert wreath-maker, go ahead and laugh at mine! But we like them.