Santa Cruz Island Sheep Shenanigans

Post date: Jun 06, 2015 4:2:52 AM

The beautiful mama ewe with the spotted legs is Margarita. The lamb with the spots and black legs is her first lamb, Blake. She is being a very enthusiastic mother, somehow leaping up on the shade structure to make sure her baby boy is OK. She is still being an excellent mother, taking good care of her lamb.

Early this evening, we had a thunderstorm bring a little rain. The ewes and lambs (as well as other sheep in the flock) ran for shelter and packed themselves in pretty randomly. Since the rain stopped, I can hear ewes and lambs calling to each other, as they sort themselves out and match up.

I hope I spelled "shenanigans" correctly.

Just heard a barn owl out hunting. There are a couple nests of those not far from our house, they have babies to feed.